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What we are up to. And how you fit in.

The days go by, virus-themed memes and videos fill our e-conversations, and the general feeling may be that a collective quarantine equals immobility. Inactivity. A stop.
Well… we’re here to tell a different story. So what’s ALDA up to, in the wake of the coronavirus crisis? First, we organised a webinar.

It took place earlier this week, with great participation and very fruitful contributions by a variety of ALDA members, partners, friends. The most important input we took from it was, perhaps, that while nothing will be easy to re-adjust and re-adapt to the current conditions, it is our social responsibility to do it, and the only way we can succeed is by doing it together - with combined determination and strength. ...which takes us to the next point: we created a hashtag, #stayEUnited. Look for it on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) in the next few weeks to follow our campaign for correct information, sol…

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